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Try Maxidus For One Penny

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We Are Specialists In The Male Enhancement Business And We Like To Deal With People On A One To One Basis. To Get To Know You And Your Special Needs

Our Motto Is Just Do It Cause You Can.


Natural, Herbal Sexual Enhancer for men.

Ever wondered whether there was a herbal
equivalent to V*agra?


This is it … and no prescription required.

Safe, strong and very potent
be careful how you use them!

Pack of 10 only £19.99 which is much cheaper than V*agra
and are completely safe to use because they’re all herbal and all natural.

Use as directed to obtain a strong and very hard erection in the fastest possible time.

Before offering this product for sale, we have to admit that we were a little dubious as to whether these pills really worked. So we tried them and the results really were astounding. Certainly as good as V*agra if not better.

If you suffer from certain side effects using V*agra, try Maxidus, we are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, many of our customers tell us that Maxidus works so well that they now use them exclusively.

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But don’t take our word for it …
Here is our cast iron GUARANTEE.
Try 2 tablets as directed below …


If you find they don’t work, return the remaining 8 tabets for a complete refund – we cannot say fairer.

Take 2 MAXIDUS capsules with a glass of lukewarm water half an hour to an hour before sexual activity (they are best taken on an empty stomach or at least an hour or so after a heavy meal).


Remember, you do not need a doctors prescription for Maxidus; so no embarrassment and no queuing in a chemist shop.
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Well over 10,000,000 (that’s TEN MILLION) Maxidus pills have now been sold. All these people cannot be wrong!

Statement from the manufacturers:-

Our first quarter report shows that on the whole, 92% of our customers found MAXIDUS to be effective. And in a recent email survey among USA customers, 93% expressed satisfaction with the response of MAXIDUS.

What Makes MAXIDUS So Effective?

When MAXIDUS was originally conceptualized, we wanted a product that will not only help to channel maximum blood flow to the penis, but must also enhance mens libido too.

After trying many different combinations of herbs for more than a two years, we finally settled with 7 types of herbs, with Eurycoma Longifolia being the main ingredient.

In case you don’t know, Eurycoma Longifolia (or more popularly known as Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi in Southeast Asia) is a scientifically-proven herbal aphrodisiac and testosterone booster thats fast becoming popular in the Western world.

So while conventional erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs treat impotency by redirecting blood flow, MAXIDUS goes one step further by also fixing the problem at the libido level.

Hence, Maxidus effectively kills two birds with one stone.

This is important because many men cannot achieve a satisfying erection for two reasons

1) Lack of blood flow to the penis

2) Lack of desire.

Lab Tested For Your Safety

We wanted Maxidus to be the safest, sexual enhancer in the world and that’s why we subjected the product to stringent lab tests.

Tests were conducted at government-approved labs, ALS Technichem (S) Pte Ltd and Permulab SB.

MAXIDUS does not contain harmful steroids, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Yohimbe
or Sildenafil Citrate which is the main ingredient of those blue “V” tablets.

In the 4 years since MAXIDUS has been on the market, there have NO complaints of ANY serious health effects arising from the consumption of MAXIDUS.

Works In 20-40 Minutes FOR MOST MEN And CAN Last For Up to 4 Days …

And during this time, you will be more-than-ready for any possible sexual encounters that might come your way … even if you are currently suffering from E. D.

No Unpleasant Side Effects!

In general, 83% of our customers said that they did NOT experience any unpleasant side effects – like headaches, palpitations, sweating or dizziness which are commonly associated with other ‘chemical type pills’.

The remaining 17% did feel some minor facial flushing and warmness in the body, which are tolerable reactions. These are caused by the effects of blood circulation herbs in MAXIDUS which enhance blood flow straight to the penis.

What MAXIDUS Can Do For You?
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  ·        Enhance your libido.

·         Enhance your energy levels so that you can perform for longer

·  Engorge your penis with blood to enable a strong, hard erection

·  And most importantly, you will not experience any unpleasant side effects when taking MAXIDUS.



Pack Of 10 Only £19.99 The Cheapest On The NET



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5 product stars
Yes, good! – Westlake – 07/06/2013
Pleasantly surprised at how well these pills worked. I have ordered from this site for over one year now and products have always arrived within 1-3 days. Would recommend.

5 product stars
Raised the dead – Graham – 30/01/2012
After 21 years without I was pretty dubious that anything could revive me. But these did it big time. After 3 or 4 times I was fully back to being a young feller again in the trouser department.

5 product stars
What a result – Manni – 08/11/2012
I bought these with a lot of reservations. Got myself a girlfriend and after the obligatory drinks, dinners out and so on she came back to my place. I took the pills. 2 to be sure. As soon as she took her bra off I got a tremendous riser, so stiff I could have hung my coat on it. What a session! It made me feel 18 again.

5 product stars
Phew! – John W. – 07/06/2012
Like other reviewers, I was really sceptical that these would work. I followed the instructions to a letter and oh boy, I was not disappointed. I recomend you use warm water to take the pills as then they seem to work faster. Cold water is OK too though. The pills (actually they are capsules), are easy to swallow. I take 2 to be sure but one pill might be OK too, just never wanted to risk it. The last time i bought Viagra, I paid 12 for ONE pill, so these just have to be a bargain. They definately work just as well as Viagra too.

5 product stars
Works wonders on my Wanger! – Derek – 07/05/2012
I doubted this would work. But now the chopper raises to order. Anytime anyplace. Fires gallons too.

5 product stars
Really works – G J – 14/12/2011
This product really works well, even with the wife. Better with the secretary though.

5 product stars
Just as good. – Sue Richards – 14/06/2017
Bought for my husband as an alternative to the blue pills as Viagra contains all sorts of unknown chemicals. At least these pills are made from natural products and they seem to work just as well as Viagra. No complaints from him … or me!

5 product stars
Blimey. – Steve S – 15/11/2018
These pills are excellent. Did the job. Will be back for another order soon. Order arrioved very fast, next day in fact.

5 product stars
My husband is really pleased. – Elizabeth Richardson – 08/12/2016
I bought one packet as a joke for my husband. The joke’s on me now because they worked and my husband really loves them. Just returned for my fourth order. Many thanks, bedtimes are much more fun now. Liz.

5 product stars
Worked for me. – Pete Bray – 19/01/2012
I originally treed these in 2009. Prior to that, I used Viagra but after reading bad reports about Viagra possibly causing blindness, I switched to Maxidus. To be truthful, I didn’t believe they would work but gave them a try anyway. I honestly cannot believe how effective they are and of course, a heck of of lot cheaper than Viag!! I can only say, TRY THEM!

          Maxidus Sex Pills – 10 x Capsules £19.95

  • Maxidus Sex Pills – 20 x Capsules £34.95
  • Maxidus Sex Pills – 40 x Capsules £65.95
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