How To F***ing Drive

How To F***ing Drive

HEY YOU..... Learn How To F***ing Drive
(Intended for the 18 & over)

So guys .... I’m really really nice and chill.... unless you drive like a jerk. Just pay attention to the damn road and everyone will be happy :)

This is Learn How To F***ing Drive .... I hope it helps 😂💨

So I started driving around age 4... my dad would let me sit on his lap and I would steer the truck. After about a year of that he finally let me do it myself and he would sit in the seat next to me ... I felt so damn cool ahahahah!!!

At around age 9 I was driving the pickup around my grandmas property in the country .... I honestly feel like they shouldn’t of let us do that but I wasn’t gunna complain ahahah. My dad always said , stay in first gear ... that way we couldn’t go fast.

So wild to think that I was driving that young .... at 14 I bought my first car and my sister and I drove it down . She was 16 and we both took turns driving from Portland to Merced ....700 miles .... WHO THE HELL WAS LETTING US DO THIS !!!

That road trip was scary as hell .... driving on the freeway was still scary to me at that time honestly ....

Almost Everyone in my family is a truck driver ... I was destined to be a good driver ahahahah.

Thank you so much for watching Learn How To F***ing Drive

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