Learn to Drive a Car for Beginners

Learn to Drive a Car for Beginners

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I think, if you want to teach driving a car to beginners, best way is to teach your friend's kid first. I have done same. My friend's kid does not know to drive my zen lx car. So, I first explained its step and then gave him my car.

Remember : 1. Never teach on traffic road, it may be risky.

2. I forgot to use car belt. You should never forget to wear it.

3. Try to run with your student who is learning driving the car, you can help in case accident.

4. After going to first gear, you have to slowly Loosen your car's clutch which will be in your left foot in bottom.

5. Increase the speed.

6. Use car steering for turning car left or right.

7. Use break when you see any body on the front of your car.

Disclaimer : First of all, there is no age of learning. Second, I suggest the children who are below the age of 18 years, please do not drive. Just watch this video as part of learning. Sometime, brave small students can save the life of other if they have the knowledge. Actually, at the time of teaching, there was not young person. So, I used as actor because he gives his acting without getting any fees because this is free online school. So, this video should use practical on the road who are 18 years or any legal age as per your country's law because we respect all the laws.

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